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Publishing a book? But Word, Open Office and alike turn your dream into a nightmare?

Welcome to the club.

I felt the same. Whenever I was writing longer work in one of the standard word processors, at some point this crazy "What you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) style of writing ruined my day and work. To the point, I had to start with a fresh document and carefully copy and paste my text back and hoping the whole way that the mess will not happen again.

Sometimes it worked, and other times I could just bang my head on the table and cry.

Sounds familiar?

No wonder, we are using the wrong tool. These word processors originated in making writing single paged letters more visual. Yeah, not for writing books or technical documentation.

WYSIWYG kills your productivity

Don't believe me? How often did you wrestle with Word after some simple format change? How often did it mess your work up when you just copied an image into the document?

However, it is doing even more harm. Writing your story or explaining some difficult nonfiction topic, is already hard enough, but when your monkey brain is constantly jumping around and being niggling on your formatting or getting distracted by other visuals, it is almost impossible to finish your book on time.

Hey, after all, we are visual animals - our visual sense dominates all of our senses.

What's good for writing a letter is not necessarily useful for writing books.

Error messages from Smashwords, Kindle or Apple are driving you nuts?

After a hard and long time, you finally have your manuscript formatted and are ready to publish it. Full of anticipation to see your book in the stores. You click the publish button and wait.

Hours later, you get an email from Smashwords or Kindle and BAMM - your eBook failed validation. Woah, what does this cryptic error message mean? Help, anybody.

The fixing cycle turns publishing in hours to publishing in days and weeks. And when you finally pass validation and double check your book on your Kindle, your layout is messed up.

Want to bang your head now on your desk or punch your screen?

I sure would.

Skip all of that and use Moopato as your secret tool to increase your book output and to stay sane.

Here's how Moopato will help you:

  • Distraction Free Writing to reach your daily word count
  • A Blind Writing Mode to keep your inner editor from interupting your writing session
  • Plain Text Writing with a bit of Markup to do sane formatting (Markdown)
  • Published premade Themes for the look of your book, no need to fiddle with anything
  • Your Book is ready to publish on SmashWords and Amazon Kindle in ONE GO.
  • You will save a lot of time and headaches and drastically increase your book production
  • Simple and open file and folder structure, No tool lock-in and you can safely put them on Dropbox, Google Drive or whatever you use
Take my book Minimalism Sucks as an example. I wrote it in Moopato in roughly 3 afternoon sessions, updated it with the edition I got back from my proofreader in an hour and it took around 1 minute to publish the Mobi version and upload it to Amazon with ZERO errors. Btw the book is free, so grab your copy and see a Moopato made book in action.

See, I've developed Moopato to scratch my own itch. And when I realized others having the same problems I was having before, I knew I had to help them and thus published my tool. It can help you and it is a minimal investment you make compared to the amount of time you waste or money you spendon some fiverr gigs.

Download your free trial copy now

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