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Your Word Processor: Where Your Productivity Goes To Die

Many authors are still writing their book in Word, LibreOffice or any other classical word processor; applications following a decade's old concept for writing short letters - letters to be printed out. Yes, they make it easier to write a standard one-page letter, and we are all thankful for that; and mostly the paper in your hand looks like your letter on the screen. But you know what? Writing a book in them IS a pain in the ass. In the end it almost never looks like you wanted. And as a side effect you went nuts.

Remember the last time you copied a text or added an image into Word and formatting went crazy? Welcome in the WYSIWYG hell. It is a premium feature of word processors. There goes your word count for today.

It is hard to write in these beasts and staying productive because they can easily break.

So you might turn to a plain text editor, and it works well until you get to the point where you need to format your book.

Have you ever wanted to strangle Word, SmashWords or KDP with your bare hands?

You wrote your manuscript in plain text now, but for publishing it you need to format it correctly; following all the guidelines at SmashWords or Amazon Kindle. You are scared of coding your eBook by hand, so you turn back to Word. After a hard and long time, you finally have your manusscript formatted and are ready to publish it. Full of anticipation to see your book in the stores. You get an email from Smashwords and BAMM - your eBook failed validation. Want to bang your head now on your desk or punch your screen?

Or you could skip all of that and use Moopato to increase your book output and keeping you sane

Here's how Moopato will help you:

  • Distraction Free Writing to reach your daily word count
  • A Blind Writing Mode to keep your inner editor from interupting your writing session
  • Plain Text Writing with a bit of Markup to do sane formatting
  • Published premade Themes for the look of your book, no need to fiddle with anything
  • Your Book is ready to publish on SmashWords and Amazon Kindle in ONE GO.
  • You will save a lot of time and headaches and drastically increase your book production
  • Simple and open file and folder structure, No tool lock-in and you can safely put them on Dropbox, Google Drive or whatever you use

See, I've developed Moopato to scratch my own itch. And when I realized others having the same problems I was having before, I knew I had to help them and thus published my tool. It can help you and it is a minimal investment you make compared to the amount of time you waste or money you spend on some fiverr gigs.

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When you publish your Book with Moopato I'll promote it for free on the Moopato Newsletter. I'll also personally help you with any publishing questions.

If you need your Book formatted in a way that is not covered by my themes feel free to contact me and we can start a discussion.

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