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My Benefits

I Save A Lot Of Time And Get Much More Done!

Focus! Stay in the flow.

I can focus on writing. The UI moves itself into the background and stays out of my way. Enter the distraction free writing mode and nothing except my text is visible on the screen. It's like working in the Flow.

fast & easy publishing

My eBook is generated in seconds in the ePub 2 and Kindle Format. It's supported by all major distributor, including Apple, Kobo, Nook, Google Books and can be easily converted for Amazon.


Write in Markdown, a widespread Markup language. Use it for emphasis, lists, table, linking inside my ebook and more. Markdowns syntax is highlighted in the editor and I can use syntax highlighting for code samples in my eBook.

Open format, it's mine

Moopato stores my work in a simple folder structure. My stories are saved in a human readable text format and along them my images. I can access it in Windows Exporer or in the Finder and open it in every text editor.

Sync the project folder with Dropbox, Google Drive or in a git repository as i do.

It is mine and always will be. I am free to go at any time.


When writing with Word or similiar I always have my text and the layout in the same file. And I know the hassles. Not so with Moopato. It separates my text from the layout. The layout is defined by templates; it is like Wordpress Themes, just for eBooks.

Write distraction free

Hit F13 or Cmd-Shift-f on OS X to enter the fullscreen distraction free writing mode. Now it is just I and my text. And it is saved every 10 seconds.

Write in Markdown

Moopato supports syntax highlighting of Markdown and I also get syntax highlighting for code snippets inside my eBook.

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