Blindwrite - A Wonderful App for Distraction Free Writing

Blindwrite is a wonderful way to write and keep writing. It is different than most other editors. You don’t see your written text anymore. It is blurred out. At first, I was wondering what this is all about, because I stumble upon it. But then I realized that is an excellent distraction free working environment.

I just typed what came to my mind, and suddenly I had the urge to write a blog post about it. And I did it, right in Blindwrite. Oh, I forgot to mention I had to set a topic (free text) and time I wanted to write. I set it to 10 minutes and just typed ahead.

After the 10 minutes my text was clearly visible, and I copied it out into Grammarly for Editing.

Great, when text is plain text, and you do not have to worry about some messed up WYSIWYG.

I can only recommend it. Try it out and see for yourself if it does help your writing. It did for me.