New Tool For You - My Kindle Keyword Analyzer

Finding keywords for your book is hard; especially when you start out and write your first book. If you only do it for fun you, don’t need to worry about keywords at all. But when you want to earn money with your book you should start to care.

I won’t cover how to find your keyword as there are already good how-tos for that. Instead, I will show you that there is an easier way then manually checking Amazon pages and taking notes on all the stats. And a tool that doesn’t cost a dime; yes, it is free.

I proudly present you the Kindle Keyword Analyzer.

It’s developed by me and like Moopato I scratched my own itch; I am using it myself. But what does it do and how does it help me?

Good, you asked. Here come the answers :-)

All Key Metadata In One List

  • You can search for a keyword like on Amazon and get the products in the same order listed as on Amazon.
  • For each product /book, it shows you the key metadata, like Title, Subtitle, Price, Bestseller Rank and if there’s print or audio version for it.
  • It shows you the covers in the list


More Than Just E-Books

You can search for eBooks, Print and Audiobooks and even for Music and Mp3 Downloads. The other Kindle tools don’t do that, and they cost money.

Unlock More Keywords

My Keyword tool automatically generates a word cloud for you so you can see the most used words in the title and subtitle and see keywords you might have missed.


I searched for minimalism in the screenshot, and you directly see that declutter, simplify, life, meaningful and happiness are often used. You can check these now as keywords or combinations, i.e. meaningful life


But don’t take my word, test it yourself and if you like it, please help me to spread the word and give me feedback too.