Moopato Release 1.11

Yes, I just pushed release 1.11 out of the door. Check out whats new.

New Themes

Version 1.11 brings a new fiction and a new nonfiction theme. Books are already published with it, and they look fine on Amazon.

Docx Export

When you generate your eBook, a docx Version will be created alongside ePub and Mobi. The Word export should make working with your professional editor much easier. You can send her just the Word file; no copy and paste from Moopato to Word anymore.

The Word version of your book is NOT directly usable for CreateSpace, but you can bring it to a CreateSpace ready version in a few steps.

  • Set page size and margins. Moopatos Export comes in 5*8 with correct margin and can be used for CreateSpace.
  • Add the TOC page
  • Add the footer with page numbers
  • Adjust the images to preferred size

I released a book with these steps, and it took me only a couple of minutes to get a base version which was accepted by CreateSpace. Now you can do it alone then wasting money on Fiverr jobs (Sorry, had bad experiences with that.).

For full changes see the change log.