Moopato Bulk Mailer

Need to send a mail to several people but must customize their name?

You got a reader list from Story Cartel but don’t want to import them into your Mailchimp list?

Got a reviewer list from Book Review Targeter or any of the other services?

Then you are at the right place.

Moopato Bulk Mailer bridges the gap between a full mailing list service like Mailchimp and sending single emails with our email program. Sometimes you need more power than your email program provides but still much less complexity than your typical mailing list provider.



After running several promotions on Story Cartel, I had a bunch of readers and wanted to mail them personally. Just putting them on my mailing list was a no go for me; they didn’t signup themselves and I wanted to keep the trust. So, the first time with only two email addresses I did send the email manually. I wrote the text, inserted the correct name and send each mail individual.

As the lists grew, I knew I would NOT repeat this step manually again. So, the Bulk Mailer came to life.


  • In the left box, you write your mail copy.
  • On the right side, you first enter your mail server and credentials for it. You mail server must support TLS.
  • Below you enter your Name and address for the email and the subject line.
  • Select a CSV file and you are ready to send.

CSV Format

The CSV shall have no header and must contain at least three columns.

  1. first name
  2. last name
  3. email address

You can use theses values in the body copy by inserting:

  1. {first_name} for the first name
  2. {last_name} for the last name

Support for more complex formats will come in the future.


Windows Version

OS X Version