How To Make an eBook With Moopato - Getting Started Guide

This guide will show you how to make an eBook with Moopato eBook Writer.

Start Moopato

After starting the Moopato you will see this screen.


You’ll see

  • Left top: your recently opened projects, click on a project to open it
  • Left bottom: A Quick action to create a new eBook
  • A welcome text on the right

Creating a new eBook

  1. Click on the “Create a new eBook” action in the quick menu section. Or you can use the Menu File -> Create eBook
  2. A File Dialog opens. Choose an empty directory on your drives where you want to save the new eBook project.
  3. Your eBook project was created and Moopato switched into the book editing view. new_ebook.png
  4. Before writing you should add some metadata (i.e. title) of your project. Open it from the menu via Project -> Edit Project Settings. For now fill out the title. Click save and you are back in the book editing view. project_settings.png
  5. So now lets add a Front matter page. Click on Project -> New Front matter and you’ll get a new cover page opend in the page editor. Give it a title and either write your cover page or drag and drop your cover image into the big editor. Hit Ctrl-S to save your new page.
  6. Use Project -> New Chapter to add a new chapter. It opens the same editor as before. Give it a title and start writing. edit.png
  7. Now lets Build your eBook. Use Project -> Generate eBook. Your eBook will be packed and put into a build sub folder inside your choosen project directory. A notifier will slide in from the statusbar when its done.
  8. Goto the <your project folder>/build and you’ll see your eBook titled <your_title>.epub.