Setting up Amazon KindleGen

For converting ePubs to Amazons Kindle format, you need the KindleGen app provided by Amazon. Its license prohbits that i can bundle it with Moopato, so you have to download it yourself. Here are the steps for setting up the KindleGen integration in Moopato:

  • Download KindlenGen app
  • Unpack it somewhere on your local machine
  • Open Moopato and go to the Preference Menu (File - Preferences). preferences-dialog.png
  • Click on the Select Button to open the file selection dialog and select the kindlegen executable. (kindlegen or kindlegen.exe)
  • When it is correct, Valid will be displayed behind the selection button.
  • Click Apply for saving the preferences and closing the dialog.

Now everytime you generate your eBook, it will also be automatically generated in Amazon Kindle mobi file format.