Moopato Release 1.10

Yes, I just pushed release 1.10 out of the door. Check out whats new.

Blind Writing

When you are writing in the full-screen distraction free mode, you can now enter a blind writing mode to get even further rid of any distraction left. You do not see your text anymore, but instead a tiny bit of visual noise, so you know there’s text, but you can’t read it anymore. Your editor does not see anything and stays at home. Good for your writer, she can work now without interruption.


Hit ctrl-shift-d or cmd-shift-d on Mac when in the full-screen distraction free mode and you can start writing blind. There is no timer; you can disable the mode with the same shortcut again.

Enhanced Markdown Editing

I added some features for writing Markdown a bit easier.

  1. When you are in a list you can now just hit tab, and the list is indented, and you got a sub list. Hitting backtab does the same reverse.
  2. You can now move a line one up and down with a shortcut. It is pretty useful when reordering lists. Use Ctrl-Shift-ArrowUp or Cmd-Ctrl-ArrowUp on Mac to move a line one up and Ctrl-Shift-ArrowDown or Cmd-Ctrl-ArrowDown on Mac to move the line one down. Right now it works on lines and not on list items, so sub-lists or similar won’t move.

Layout Cleanup and Enhancements


You might notice, the author and draft fields in the chapter metadata are gone, and the title is presented much more prominently. It is as important as your chapter content.

The book content navigator can now be hidden with ctrl-1 or cmd-1 on Mac. Here is a screenshot of how it looks on the Mac.


You get a much cleaner editing experience now even without entering the full-screen distraction free mode.

For full changes see the change log.