Moopato Release 1.11

Release 1.11. is out now and brings two new themes and a docx export. read more

Posted on 17.11.2016

New Tool For You - My Kindle Keyword Analyzer

A FREE Keyword Tool for checking your Amazon Kindle Keywords and Spy on your competitors. read more

Posted on 16.11.2016

Outsourcing - The Joy for Clients and Freelancers

Working together can sometimes be a pain and a sack full of misunderstandings. I'll share some of my experiences and tips. read more

Posted on 23.09.2016

Writing eBooks for Kindle

Learn Writing eBook for Kindle in a Detailed Step to Step Process. read more

Posted on 10.09.2016

Moopato Release 1.10

Release 1.10 is out now and includes a blind writing mode. read more

Posted on 07.09.2016

Templates for Copyright Page and other

3 Front Matter Templates you can use in your book. read more

Posted on 01.09.2016

How to Come Up with Story Ideas using Story Cubes

Coming up with stories is tough sometimes. But you can train your brain to get creative and one way to do it is with Story Cubes. read more

Posted on 17.08.2016

Blindwrite - A Wonderful App for Distraction Free Writing

I stumbled upon a wonderful distraction free writing app. read more

Posted on 11.08.2016

The Cost Of Distraction

Distraction costs us much time and money. See how much it cost in its form of multitasking. read more

Posted on 11.08.2016

How To Edit Your Own eBook And Save Time And Money

Separate your wrting from your edition session and more essential editing tips. I'll also show you a wonderful tool for helping with editing your own text. read more

Posted on 14.06.2016